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Healthy Hair Tips – 10 Common Myths About Hair Loss

Every woman desire to have a healthy hair. Healthy hair will automatically make your hair look shinier, and it will add the value of your performance. But there are some myths about healthy hair. Which one is true and which one is a myth?

The truth about healthy hair and myths:

It is important to regularly change the brand of shampoo

True! There are different washing bases (detergents) in shampoos. It is like the hair change from time to time and time to type so we need to change the type of shampoos.

You must use the conditioner in the same range as the shampoo

False. Use the conditioner only according to its wealth. If you have oily hair, the conditioner must be making your hair light, not weighing it down. For dry hair, it is better to use creams or masks, which is often more effective than a conditioner for brittle hair.

Don’t do the hair colors at home. It’s risky

False. If the assay was provided in the box for you and you find the color of your dreams, that is okay to do hair coloring at home. In fact, hairdressers use the same type of mixture as you do at home, unlike that with their experience, they realize the right dosages and leave to ask how long it takes.

Coat the hair with olive oil strengthens the hair

It is being discussed. It is never bad, but it can be a problem regarding rinsing. In fact, olive oil will be difficult to clean, because it is very oily. This will require vigorous scrubbing to remove it completely. Result: You may damage the sheath of your hair, and profits earned vanish may be just as fast.

Lemon juice brightens the hair

True. Lemon is anti-scale, which makes hair shine and healthy hair. Just look at the composition of a shampoo for dull hair, you will see that it contains an anti-limestone. In the same range, cider vinegar is also very good.

You have to rinse hair with cold water

False. Much has been said about a period that narrowed the scales, but this was never proven.

The hair dryer should be avoided

True if used hot. The advantage of the hot air to allow it to put the hair in place. But the heat damages the hair. You can use a hair dryer but focus on the temperature modulation.

An anti-fall from time to time it feels good

False. They are can only be used in case of excessive fall. Considering it starts to be a problem when you lose over 100 hairs a day. The situation becomes critical when you lose more hair than it repels. If you find that you lose more hair than usual, do not panic. But if after three months, you feel that you always lose too much, then it is not normal.

If I damaged my hair the ends will not grow, or worse

False. Regrowth occurs at the level of the scalp, so you can grow your hair as you want even if they are forced. Cut the tips regularly will not influence the regrowth of hair.

My scalp itch, I’ll have dandruff

True or at least the probability is high. If your scalp itches, it means that it is dry. And so it will flake. In fact, inflammation of the scalp is overactive, which will produce too much skin. The latter will fall.

Now you know the truth and myths about healthy hair, don’t be trapped into such myths. Here are some tips to have a healthy hair.

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